Hey folks, I wrote that article in the Shakespeare’s language because I think most of the readers will be ENG speaking ppl. =)

So ! I’ve been looking for like 3 days for that tool that prompt an overlay on SourceTV games.

More that an overlay, it brings to the screen the name of both teams and their logo, list of players and for each their kill/death.
I’ve seen that kind of tool in the past for SC2 for instance, but never found that SourceTV one.

Finally found it! It’s called steam-tools (former SCGUI). You can download it there : http://code.google.com/p/steam-tools/

Features are : (extract from the project website)

Config Editor – Read/Writes to cfg files easily.

Replay Library – Lists all the demo files in your game folder and display some basic information about each one. This is perfect for YouTube stars or tacticians!

Downloads – Access professional players configs and event replays so you can mimic and improve your gameplay.Download and install custom Maps and GUIs at a click of a button

Tools – Quick access to Steam functions on one screen. Broadcast Tool allows you to edit team names giving you a custom streaming interface.

That last part is the one that matters to me, even if the tool brings you features that Steam client don’t.

Here’s a vidéo of SCGUI now Steam Tools :

Watch live video from klutchcs on TwitchTV
Severals tutorials are available online to make your skin and other stuff.

Some previews of the result in-game

Cool huh ?

You can find out more on the creator’s website : http://www.scgui.com/

And on the official website for that tool : http://myesports.co.uk/

Author of that tool : Edward Knowles – twitter : @NedKnowles